Below is an Estimate of some fees listed on the Settlement Statement that may assist you in calculating your overall costs.

TITLE CHARGES (taken from Settlement Statement):

1101. Settlement or Closing Fee: $200.00 buyer/$200.00 seller
1102. Abstract or Title Search: $85.00-$200.00 (buyer/refinance)
(depending on location/abstractor)
1104. Title Examination: $100.00 (buyer/refinance)
1105. Document Preparation: $175.00 Seller (Prep. of Deed by attorney)
(all other services required by an attorney will be charged accordingly to the attorney’s
standard rates. Please call or email)

1108. Title Insurance: Please call for Details (buyer/refinance)


1201. Recording Fee: $46.00 per transaction (seller/refinance)
1202. City/County Tax Stamps: Please call for Details (buyer/refinance)
1203. State Tax Stamps: Please call for Details (buyer/refinance)
1204. Grantor Tax: Please call for Details (seller)


1301. Survey: $250.00 – $350.00 (buyer) **
1303. Release Fee: $85.00 per release (seller/refinance)***
1304. Notary Fees/Wire Fee: $25.00 (buyer/seller)
1305. Courier Fee: $60.00 (buyer/seller)

* These fees do not supersede FSBO Title fees quoted at contract signing.
** Surveys that are more than $350 will be quoted to you prior to service completion.
***Additional Payoff fee of $15.00 per payoff to be charged beyond (3).

Additional fees or increases of current fees may apply. Please call or email for a current fee quote for your specific transaction