Keeping Your Largest Investment Safe

Buy it Now… .Be Protected as Long as you Own Your Home!

Lender’s Title Insurance protects the Lender, Owner’s Title Insurance protects YOU! Just as you would protect your home from theft or fire, Owner’s Title Insurance offers defense
against the loss of your home.

Real Estate titles have hazards that even the most competent attorney may not discover. Owner’s Title Insurance provides you with protection against the loss of your home caused by undiscovered defects in your title.

23 Reasons You Need Owner’s Title Insurance:
1. Mechanics’ liens not yet of record
2. Forgery
3. Fraud in connection with the execution of documents
4. Undue influence on a former owner or executor
5. False personation by those purporting to be owners of property
6. Incorrect representation of marital status of former owners
7. Undisclosed or missing heirs
8. Mistaken interpretation of wills and trusts
9. Wills not properly probated
10. Mental incompetence of former owners which may rule a sale void
11. Conveyance by a minor or other person legally incompetent
12. Birth of heirs subsequent to the date of a will
13. Inadequate surveys
14. Incorrect legal descriptions
15. Deeds not delivered properly
16. Unsatisfied claims against your property not shown on record
17. Deed executed under expired or false powers of attorney
18. Confusion due to similar or identical names
19. Dower, courtesy or other marital rights of spouses of former owners
20. Incorrect indexing
21. Clerical errors in recording legal documents
22. Delivery of deeds after the death of a former owner
23. Real estate tax authority errors or omissions


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