We have been engaged as the Settlement Agent for the closing on the sale of your home. To assist us in making this a smooth closing process please forward the following items upon

  • Termite Certificate
  • Well Certification, if applicable
  • Septic Certificate, if applicable
  • Information on the current mortgage holders on the liens that will need to be satisfied to convey clear title.
  • If a Power of Attorney is to be used to sign the closing papers, a copy of the Power of Attorney.
  • Copies of your owner’s title policy
  • Copies of any old surveys
  • Information on any homeowners association or condo association for your property.

The following items are of importance at the closing table and should be brought to the settlement:

  • Please bring all parties that are currently on the deed on the property (as they will need to sign their interest over to new owners)
  • Copies of picture identification cards (driver’s licenses acceptable)
  • Your net proceeds will NOT be disbursed at the settlement table.
  • Original Power of Attorney if needed.

By law, funds may not be disbursed until instruments have been recorded. Funds will be disbursed with 48 hours after all documents have been recorded. If you want funds wired, please supply wiring instructions as soon as you are informed of them. If you want an assignment of funds to another settlement company for a " back to back" settlement, please call with that information prior to closing so that we may prepare the proper documents for you to execute a settlement.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (703) 591-0285.